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The Most Trusted & Proven Microwave Backhaul Services in the Industry

Hand over those time-consuming but very important tasks associated with network planning, so that you and your staff can be more productive. With over 30 years experience in network design, Comsearch's iQ·link support engineers are uniquely qualified to offer you the following services:

Network Upgrade Analysis (NUA) Services offers a detailed Analysis of what's required to Upgrade the capacity of your Network.

  • Hierarchy extraction based on specified main nodes with consideration for rings.
  • Link capacity assignment.
  • Adherence to ITU availability and performance objectives.
  • Detailed interference analysis with High/Low conflict resolution for optimum use of spectrum.
  • Detailed reports include requirements for additional spectrum and antenna upgrades.
For more information, read our iQ·link NUA Services Brochure.

Equipment & Network Audit (ENA) Services provides a comprehensive Equipment and Network Audit.
  • Radio audit, evaluating technical radio data including interference matrices, comparison with ETSI standards and impact of any change on entire network interference and spectrum usage.
  • Antenna audit, making sure the correct radiation patterns are being used, comparison with ETSI standards and impact of any required changes on entire network interference and spectrum usage.
  • Physical and Functional Network audit where the main goal is to make sure what's in iQ·link reflects reality.
For more information, read our iQ·link ENA Services Brochure.

iQ·link Database Maintenance (DM) Services focuses on complete Maintenance of valuable data stored in your iQ·link Database to ensure current, accurate information.
  • Equipment import for both radios and antennas and calculation of interference matrices.
  • Database cloning to allow for scenario planning.
  • Import links including sites, equipment, frequency plans, etc.
  • Database backups and synchronization.
  • User-defined reports and exports.
For more information, read our iQ·link DM Services Brochure.

iQ·link Server Maintenance (SM) Services handles Server Maintenance. From installing the most recent patches and backing up your data, to debugging and configuring new installs, it keeps your servers at peak performance.
  • Upgrades of your server, iQ·link installation, Operating System, database and maps.
  • Complete management of back-ups, disaster recovery and server replacements.
  • Customise iQ·link's installation for your particular needs.
  • Coordinate installations and upgrades with your IT department.
For more information, read our iQ·link SM Services Brochure.

Each service plan is offered as a fixed-term or 12-month contract, giving you peace of mind everyday...for one low fixed price. Best of all, iQ·link Services are provided by the leading experts in network planning and design: the engineers at Comsearch.

For more information, view our iQ·link Services Overview Brochure, or please feel free to contact us. Policies Trademarks